Transmittal List

The Buildtools Transmittal List displays all documents that have been sent out to users via a Transmittal. There are 2 methods to navigate to the Transmittal List.

1. Navigate to Transmittal List

To view the Transmittal List, login to your Buildtools Cloud account and select your project.

1a. The Inbox Method

From the main menu, select “Inbox” from the menu.
On the left hand side of the screen, you can see your document category list. Click on “Document Transmittal” to be taken to your Transmittal List.

1b. The Transmittal Menu Method

From the main menu, select Transmittal and then click on Transmittal List.

2. Transmittal List Menu

The following screen will appear:
There is an Inbox specific menu that appears above your transmittal list.
New will open a new manual Transmittal Refresh will refresh the page with any new information Filter will open a dialog box where you can filter and sort the results Reports allows you to export the list in a report style or cost table style pdf View as Inbox converts the Register View to an Inbox View to look more like an email inbox. Search by email subject allows you to search for Transmittals based on the subject line Open when this box is ticked it will only show open transmittals Unread when this box is ticked it will only show unread transmittals

3. Transmittal List View

Each Transmittal will be displayed in the register as per the image below:
The columns displayed tells you: Paperclip icon indicates whether there is an attachment within the email Flag tells you if there is an associated task and the status of that task. Green equals closed, Red equals open. Category advises the document category. Doc No is an automated sequential number for auditing continuity. Subject displays the subject relative to the transmittal. Date Sent shows you what date the transmittal was sent. Due Date will display if the sender added a “Requested By” date. Status tells you how many days until the transmittal is due. Negative numbers tell you that the item is overdue. “Closed” means that the topic has been closed. Sent By the user who sent the Transmittal

4. Transmittal Detail

If you click on one of the Transmittals in the list, Buildtools will display the details of the Transmittal in the detail window on the right of screen.

4a. View Email Thread

If there has been previous communication history or responses relative to this Transmittal, then there will be options to “Show” or “Print” all responses. In this scenario, there is 2 emails related to this Transmittal.
If you click on the “Show all 2 Responses” button, it will show a summary of all individual emails.
Clicking on each of these emails will expand and show the full email message. You can export a pdf report of the entire email thread by clicking on the “Print all 2 Responses”.
Every Email has the ability for multiple tasks to be assigned to contacts. Click on the “Tasks” button to show the Task Menu.
Anything that shows as “Assigned To:” is an existing task. You can click on this to show the task details. if you click on “New Task”, this will allow you to create a task directly from the email message.
For further information on Tasks, please refer to the Tasks Training Documentation.

4c. Reply Options

There are numerous reply options similar to what you’re familiar with your email provider. Click on the “Reply” button to access the options.
Reply All will reply to all recipients of the email (excluding BCC recipients). If the email was originally sent as private, the “reply all” will include the sender and any CC recipients of the email. Reply will reply to the sender of the email only. Forward there are two forward options:
  • As new thread: this option will link your email to the existing thread
  • As new topic: this option will create your email as a new topic
Resend will resend the email to all recipients listed.

4d. Other Email Options

You can access the other email options by clicking on the 3 orange dots next to the “Reply” button.
Close Topic will flag the email as “Closed” Print will print the individual email New Task will allow you to create a task directly from the email Add Recipient allows you to retrospectively add a recipient to an email. This option is only available to the sender of the email.
Updated on May 28, 2019

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