Tender Dashboard

The Buildtools Tender Dashboard allows you to view a summary of where your sub-contractors are up to with submitting their quotes.

1. The Tender Dashboard

To view the Tender Dashboard, login to your Buildtools Cloud account and select your desired project. From the main menu, select “Tenders”, then select “Tender Dashboard”.

Here you will see a summarised view of how many sub-contractors have responded to your tender request.

(1) The pending submittals shows how many tender packages are currently in a draft status. You can click on this to view a list of these draft tenders.

(2) Each trade summarises the status of each tender package.

Sent – Tender package has been sent to the contractor

Estimate Received – The Sub-contractor has uploaded their quote

Pricing – The Sub-contractor has indicated they will be submitting a quote

Not Pricing – The Sub-contractor has advised they will not be submitting a quote

Successful – The estimator has awarded the tender to this Sub-contractor

Unsuccessful – The estimator has flagged this Sub-Contractor as unsuccessful

By clicking on the individual trade, it will display which companies and contacts the tender was sent to. This is where you can update their status.

Buildtools will also advise you when the sub-contractor has downloaded the documents for the first time.

2. Tender Management

This is where you can advise your sub-contractors if they have been successful with their quote. You can click on the current status to change their status to Successful, a dialog box will appear with the following communication options.

This option will send the successful applicant a tender awarded email

This will add this company’s contact list to the current project

This will update all other tender applications to unsuccessful, removing them from receiving any updated documents for this project

This will send a tender declined email to all unsuccessful tenders for this trade

You can click ‘select all’ to tick all of these checkboxes.

Updated on June 8, 2019

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