Release Notes 1.2

Version 1.2

The update is estimated to take approximately 1 hour for every 100 database (projects).

During this period of time, users should not access the system. If you access the system at this time, you may experience degraded performance and may be intermittently disconnected from the system.

We advise users to not use the system during the scheduled update time if possible.

This upcoming update has a number of changes that may affect your IT environment.

Pre Update Requirements

Latest Client Version

To ensure no issues, Buildtools Live v17.1 should be installed on the users machine before the scheduled update time.

Before the scheduled update, ensure that you have the latest Buildtools Live client on the users machine. The latest version of the client is 17.1, it can be download from this link here. Instructions on how to use the installer can be found here.

IIS Server Requirements

The new Buildtools website requires IIS 7.5.

End Of Support

  • SQL version 2008r2, support will end on the 1st July 2018.
  • Access 2013, support will end on the 18th April 2018.

Buildtools Live Client Changes

  1. From versions 17.0.6 and up, updates will be applied automatically unless set otherwise by the administrator.
  2. Wibu 6.40 now available as part of install package.
  3. Buildtools will no longer run when detecting Access versions pre-2013.
  4. Change log / update log now available when updating the client.

Buildtools Cloud Changes

  1. Updates for the website service will now be handled by our update service. For more details please review the Buildtools Update Service under infrastructure changes.
  2. The latest version of Buildtools cloud now requires IIS 7.5 or higher.

The list of changes of this version of the Cloud site can be found here.

For known bugs, or for any bug reports, please go here.

Infrastructure Changes

  1. Buildtools has recently added a file stream service. The file location for this service will be located on the SQL server, in the folder path Buildtools\FileLibrary. It is highly recommended that this file location be added as part of your current backup plan. We recommend a routine backup on file changes if applicable.
  2. Buildtools Update Service. An update service has been installed on the IIS server to check for any website related updates. Regular updates are scheduled to be checked and run at 3:00am every day. Updates are deployed silently with the provided administrative account. Critical updates are set to check at 2 hour intervals.
    Buildtools Cloud Update Schedule

    Patches will be generally released on Wednesday & Saturday morning.

  3. Http URL conversion to Https. If the clients Buildtools portal address is using a Http connection, this will now be converted over to Https. Please ensure that port 443 is open to the IIS server. Previous http urls will be redirected to the https site.
Add FileLibrary to backup plan

It is highly recommended that you add the FileLibrary file to your current backup plan. Buildtools does not take responsibility for lost files or data corruption.

Updated on August 17, 2019

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