New Transmittal (Inbox)

Buildtools Transmittal Email allows for Transmittals to be created, utilising document templates and complete traceability.

1. Accessing New Transmittal

To access a New Transmittal, login to your Buildtools Cloud account and select your project. From the main menu, select Transmittal and click on New Transmittal (Inbox).

2. Creating New Transmittal 

The following screen will appear:

3. Add Recipients

Type the recipients names directly to add them, or click on “To” to open up the Project Contact List, Company Contact List or for bulk selection.

If a contact is not already a part of Buildtools, you are able to add them by clicking on “Create New Contact” from the Email message header.

4. Enter Email Subject

Enter a subject for your new email message.

5. Complete Dynamic Fields

The dynamic fields have been setup based on the email type. For a “Transmittal”, the default fields are “Requested By” date and the option to include “Addons”

Enter the date you would like the information by (optional)

Click on “Addons” to include a “Standard Clause” or “Cost Table”.

5a. Standard Clause

By selecting “Standard Clause”, this will enable an additional field for you to enter the relevant details.

Click on “View Standard Clause Templates”.

Here you can filter the options by “Document Type”, “Project Job” or “Contract Type”. Click on your preferred template and click “Add”.

5b. Cost Table

If you select “Cost Table” the following dialog box will appear.

Once you have entered the information to the cost table, click on “Add” to return to your email.

6. Enter the Email Body

Here you can manually enter the body of your email or select from a list of templates

7. Attach Documents

You can add any relevant attachments to your email with no restriction on filesize. There is no maximum attachment size limit for emails in Buildtools. Attachments can be added either from Buildtools Drive, Document Register or your Local Drive.

8. Send Transmittal

Once you’ve entered all information for your email, you can “Preview”, “Save as Draft” or “Send”

If you click on “Send,”, you will have two options. The Send Privately function means that your contacts will not see the other contacts who have been included on the email.

Updated on June 15, 2019

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