Subcontractors: Getting Started Guide

Subcontractors: Getting Started Guide

Outline of Buildtools Cloud features with links to detailed information to help you get started.




Document Register

Buildtools Document Register is a secure storage area for an unlimited amount of files and drawings, with powerful revision control and document intelligence to make sure the right people always receive the right files.



Buildtools Inbox is a communication portal designed to take you further than any regular mail service provider could.


File / Photo Library

The File / Photo Library is a new module that allows you to store and share images, documents and drawings from one easily accessible location.



Buildtools transmittal module keeps an accurate record of what has been sent out, and ensures the right files are sent to the right people.

  • Transmittal List

    Displays all drawings that have been sent out to users.

  • New Transmittal

    Distribute drawings to users.

  • Auto Transmittal

    Automatically generates transmittals, populating them with recipients and their required drawings.


Quality and Safety

Buildtools Quality and Safety module has been designed to help your team make the most of their time on site, with Issues, Defects, Inspections and more.



The Buildtools Tendering module helps you to manage tenders effectively.

  • Tenders List

    Summary of the tender package where you are able to download attached documents and choose to submit a tender for the works.

  • Upcoming Tenders

    Any upcoming tenders that are open to the public are displayed here.





Buildtools Cloud features an admin area for you to edit your details.


Updated on August 20, 2019

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