Don’t Have Time to Upload Documents to the Register?

Are you on site and don’t have time to wait for Head Office to upload drawings to the Document Register?

Keeping documents in the system is invaluable – it ensures that everyone receives the latest docs and information, and keeps detailed records for legal purposes.


You have been sent new drawings and don’t have time to wait for Head Office to upload and share with the site team.


Use the following process with Buildtools Drive

  1. Create a folder in Buildtools Drive called “Documents to Register”. Click here for instructions.
  2. Set up permissions. Give full permissions to the Doc Controller. (They will be automatically notified every time a new document is added to the folder). Click here for instructions.
  3. You receive an email from a consultant with documents.
  4. Save drawings to the “Documents to Register” folder in Buildtools Drive. (The Doc Controller will be automatically notified). Click here for instructions.
  5. When the Doc Controller has time, they can view all files waiting to be uploaded, and then upload them to the Document Register.
  6. The Doc Controller then clears the file from the “Documents to Register” folder Buildtools Drive.
  • Documents are shared with the site team through Buildtools, keeping information tracked, preventing discrepancies and minimising risk.
  • The Doc Controller can bulk upload to the Document Register, saving time.


Updated on June 18, 2018

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