Creating Tender Packages

Creating a new Tender Package

  1. Select your project from the main menu.
  2. Under Tendering, select Tender Request.
  3. Click on New.
  4. Fill in the Tender details for:
    1. Document Details
    2. Custom Documents
    3. Recipients
    4. Attachments

Document Details

  1. This section requires you to fill in the following information:
    – Trade: which trade this package is for.
    – Date: date that you created this package for distribution.
    – Closing Date: date that you would like your subbies to respond by.
    – Package type: Tender request, bill of quantities or addendum
    – Trade scope: scope of works for this trade package. You can use pre-defined templates to fill out the scope by clicking on the relevant template link (Custom Scope of Works [All Trades], Project Scope of Works, *Trade Scope of Works). Where Trade would be the trade you had selected for this package.
  2. This section also allows you to include:
    – Duration of contract
    – Change Issuer

Custom Documents

This section allows you to include further instructions and notes for your tender package. For scope of work information, please add it in the Documents details section.

  1. Further Documentation / Staging Documents: This section is generally used to provide additional instruction information if required.
  2. Special Notice: As the section name applies, any special notices about this tender, i.e OH&S requirements etc.
  3. Footnotes: additional footnote information. By default, Buildtools will have your company stationary as the footnote, if you require additional information in your footnotes you can use this section.

Adding Recipients

This section allows you to add in the subbies relevant for this trade package. You have two options for adding in recipients.

  1. Add Recipients: allows you to manually add recipients based of your global contact list. By default, the system will show you companies relevant to the trade you’ve selected. You can use the search bar to find companies unaffiliated with the selected trade.
  2. Select from previous projects: allows you to find subbies used in previous projects. Generally used when previous packages have similar subbies you would like to reuse.


This section allows you to attach drawings and files relevant for this trade package.

  1. When you first go to the attachment section, the following will open:
  2. Select the attachments you would  by either left clicking, or using the select All option.
  3. Click on “Add to Quote” to add the select files to the tender package.
  4. Once complete, click on the X button at the top right to close out.


Updated on August 28, 2017

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