New Transmittal (Matrix)

Auto Transmittal is Buildtools newest module that automatically generates transmittals and populates recipients and their required drawings based on Revised Documents and Document Matrix rules.

Before operating Auto Transmittal we advise you to set up your Document Matrix and User Groups. Please note that to do this you will need to have a Buildtools System Administration Account.

1. Accessing Auto Transmittal

Login to your Buildtools Cloud account and select your project. From the main menu, select ‘Transmittal’ and click on ‘New Transmittal (Matrix)’.

The following screen will appear:

Auto Transmittal generates transmittals based on Revised Drawings and Documents for Matrix. This can be done by selecting both or either the Revised Documents or Documents for Matrix. If you wish to use Documents for matrix to locate your documents and recipients, you must set up your Document Matrix first.

2. Revised Documents

The Revised Documents feature is used to create transmittal’s based on history.

When a document is sent through a transmittal, Buildtools keeps a record of that history. For example if you have previously sent Document No. A100 Revision A to Jess, the revised document feature will inform you that you have a new revision that you need to send to Jess, the previous recipient, Document No. A100 Revision B.

(1) To locate these previous documents fill in the ‘Advanced search options’.

(2) To refine your search select the filters you wish to use.

(3) Click ‘Search’.

(4) Select the documents you want to attach to the transmittal.

(5) Click ‘Proceed’.

3. Documents for Matrix

The Documents for Matrix feature creates the transmittal based on the rules that have previously been created by the Builder using the Document Matrix. This feature automates the distribution of new documents that have not been previously distributed.

To locate documents according to Document Matrix rules:

(1) Fill in the ‘Advanced search options’.

(2) To refine your search select the filters.

(3) Then click ‘Search’.

(4) Select the documents you choose to create the transmittal for.

(5) Click ‘Proceed’.

4. Review Selected Documents

Here you have the opportunity to review your documents before proceeding.

(1) Once documents have been reviewed, click Proceed.

(2) If you wish to remove people from being added select ‘Click here’.

5. Submit Transmittal

The following pop up will appear indicating the documents that do not match previously entered rules created within ‘Document Matrix’.

(1) Once you have read through the items, click ‘Ok’ to continue.

The corresponding drawings and their recipients will then be allocated into transmittals (Transmittal 1 and Transmittal 2) as seen below.

(1) Select Transmittal-1 to view the drawings that have automatically been allocated to the correct recipients.

(2) To attach extra documents or manually add them to the transmittal, select ‘Add Documents’.

(3) Write a subject.

(4) Write a description.

Repeat the above steps for any other additional Transmittals.

(5) Click ‘Submit’.

The below pop up will appear:

(1) Click ‘No’ to proceed with submitting grouped email recipients.

(2) Click ‘Yes’ to proceed with submitting individual emails for each recipient.

Updated on May 22, 2018

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