What’s happening at Buildtools?

Hi guys, Will here.
We often get a lot of suggestions and feedback (which is always appreciated!).
On average, we get about 100 reports a week. Each report needs to be reviewed, than vetted, planned out and finally developed, tested and deployed. Sometimes these request can contradict each other and we have to further investigate what would be the best solution.
In short, it means alot of time is needed before these ideas come to life.

So this page is here to help you guys get a better understanding on what our current focuses are. What pain points we are aware of and how we plan on addressing them.
This page is to help you guys get a better understanding on what’s currently happening.

Upcoming Patch 1.6.4

What are we focusing on in 1.6.4:

  • Defects – since the introduction of Site Manager, we’ve received a large number of feedback. In this particular patch, we are focusing on requests that try to address the following areas:
    • Work flow efficiency. Requests that focus on reducing the amount of time it takes you to create defects are likely to be addressed.
    • Report improvements. Any requests for improvements on either existing reports or new reports for defects are likely to be addressed.
    • Improvements to the mobile devices.
  • Document Control – We’re focusing on two major pain points that have arisen over the years. In particular, the ability to automatically free up revision numbers once they’ve been rejected. And the ability to edit any revision via the Web Portal Document Register.
  • Report Redesigns – We’ve gotten alot of feedback that the new reports aren’t so great. So, with this particular patch, we’ll be addressing the main pain points. In particular, the following reports have been shortlisted so far:
    • Inbox, new report that also includes replies.
    • Defects, new report that also includes photos.
    • Site Diaries, company activity report to now include more than just hours.
    • Inbox, ability to create recipient PDF for printouts.
  • Dashboards – alright, they’re finally coming. There are two dashboard designs that we are currently working on. You’ve got the project level dashboard which are for particular modules (i.e Tender Dashboard) and then your Company level dashboards. Which are dashboards for all projects you are working on. This particular patch will introduce an all project Document Controller dashboard. As the name implies, this board will focus more on the needs of a Document Controller.
  • Tender Dashboard improvements – we’ve been steadily getting through feedback requests. We’ll be finishing up the last few open items. In particular, making adjustments to make it easier to view/search for quotes, report UI adjustments, and export excel option.