Buildtools Inbox

We believe that active communication between all team members is integral to a project’s success, which is why we created Buildtools Inbox, coming soon in 2017.

Attach hundreds of files

Hundreds of files can be attached to a single email, simply drag and drop or select from your computer.

Stay organised

Organise your inbox easily with folders, subfolders and responses saved under the right headings.

Design + Shop Drawings

Design collaboration and shop drawings can be discussed, approved and rejected from the Inbox.

Upload straight to Register

Documents can be automatically populated to your document register straight from the Inbox.

Why Choose Buildtools Inbox?

Unlike Outlook or other mail programs, Buildtools Inbox has been designed specifically for the construction industry. It comes with in-built registers for all construction documents, e.g. the RFI register will show how many days are remaining for each RFI. Category information can also be added, e.g. a delay notice category can also include the delay duration period and reason for delay.

You are able to send responses based on a new category in order to reflect the status change of the correspondence, e.g. changing an RFI to a Delay Notice.  To eliminate any confusion we make sure that you will always be able to see where these categories originated from by viewing previous responses when you select the email.

Create custom documents and templates to help save time and automate mundane tasks. E.g. create a custom template for an unsuccessful tender letter, and mass distribute this email with the system automatically personalising names or other pre-defined fields.

Some of the communication documents you can create with Buildtools Inbox:


Delay Notices

Project Instructions


Back Charge Notices



Request for Approval

Custom Templates

Want to see how Buildtools Inbox works to increase your efficiency and automate functions?


Outlook Plugin

Buildtools Outlook is a plugin feature installed on your Outlook application that links your emails to the relevant projects in Buildtools.

Immediately Integrates

Buildtools Outlook plugin will appear on your Outlook application as soon as it is installed by a Buildtools technician.

One-Click Exports

Click one of the Buildtools buttons on your Outlook to export individual, folders or subfolders of emails to Buildtools.

Secure Storage

Once exported, a complete record of all emails that you have sent or received are safely stored for easy retrieval.

Why Use Buildtools Outlook?


All responses to exported emails are saved under the right headings in Buildtools, with outstanding correspondence shown in a register. Reports on emails and their details can be automatically generated by the system, keeping your team organised and on track.


Communication can be shared with groups or particular users, with any stored emails able to be accessible by your company’s internal users on the project for easy distribution.

Meeting Minutes

Buildtools meeting minutes feature allows you to document meetings like never before, providing legal proof of conversations that took place within specific meetings.


Meeting minutes can be customised to your company’s requirements, with general information able to be set up, including meeting times, dates, chair person, creator and more. You are able to create agendas to be discussed ahead of time, and set when they should be completed.


Recipient attendance or absence is quickly logged, with copies of the agenda easily distributed to users. Buildtools will not only keep track of recipients and agendas, but notify you of any agenda details that were not completed by automatically appearing under the next meeting minute agenda.