At Buildtools, we are constantly developing new features and functions to help your team increase their efficiency and enhance their productivity. Here's what's new to Buildtools.
Buildtools Inbox

Attach hundreds of files to a single email, create custom templates, view in-built registers and more with Buildtools Inbox.

Buildtools Drive

Designed like a drop box, store an unlimited number of files and photos securely online.

Document Editing Tools

Buildtools Document Register has been updated with management and editing tools.


Create and distribute defects quickly, with management features and inspection mode for a fast approval process.

Auto Transmittals + Doc Matrix

These features work together to automate document distribution and ensure the right people always receive the right files.

Tasks + Workflows

Create and distribute tasks to your team and easily monitor progress and completion with Buildtools Tasks.

Meeting Minutes

Document meetings like never before, providing legal proof of conversations that took place within specific meetings.

Site Diaries

Optimised for mobile devices, Buildtools Site Diaries let you quickly and accurately log times and events.