Data Ownership

Unlike competitors, with Buildtools, you are always in complete ownership and control of your data.

Secure Storage

All data is securely stored on Buildtools central database, hosted on the cloud or your server.

Archived Documents

All previous revisions are archived, not deleted, and stored in a register for easy retrieval.

Revision Control

Buildtools identifies previous revisions to ensure your team are always working off the latest files.

Easy Uploads

Uploading documents is easy with Buildtools. Information can be automatically filled out, with previous revisions and conflicting files picked up by the system.

Simple Approval Process

Builders simply approve or reject files directly from the Transmittal or Email, after which they are automatically populated to the Current Document Register.

Modify Document Details

All users (including consultants) with access can modify document details, with bulk editing for automatic deleting and inputting of information.