Buildtools is one complete system that takes you through every stage of the construction process.

Buildtools uses one centralised database to store and access all information, making documents easily transferable between each stage, with no need to re-upload files at any time.


Share documents easily, add notes, and receive files in real-time with Buildtools.

Communication and collaboration are integral during the design stage, which is why an unlimited amount of users can access Buildtools Cloud.


Automate and manage tenders efficiently and effectively.

Create tender packages quickly and send them out automatically with Buildtools. Use our subcontractor review feature to help guide your decision.


Manage all construction documents and tasks with Buildtools.

Buildtools comes with in-built communication and document registers for all construction documents, such as RFI's, Variations and Defects.


Projects are archived, not deleted, for easy future retrieval.

Buildtools archives your projects after they are handed over, and unlike other companies, we never charge you to retrieve past projects.

Effectively manage your documents, correspondence and projects.

Designed specifically for the construction industry, we have helped hundreds of Australia’s leading construction companies to increase efficiency and enhance productivity. To do this, we focus on:

+ Collaboration
+ Safety

About Us

Since 1999 Buildtools has been at the forefront of construction industry software development. We remain proudly Australian owned and operated.


Buildtools is backed with outstanding customer support, with regular updates released based on invaluable user feedback.


Buildtools Features

Every feature has been designed to automate processes and tasks, saving your team valuable time.

Document control is the backbone of Buildtools, which is why we provide reliable, secure storage with powerful revision control to ensure your team never misses a document again.

Communication and collaboration between all team members are integral to a project’s success, which is why all users are always kept up to date with the latest information.

Buildtools can be used from any location, with specific modules just for site, such as Mobile Site Diaries, Action Tasks, Defects and the Site Manager web-app.

Managing your company’s contacts is simple with Buildtools, we let you set up Project Contact Lists, Users and Groups, and even automatically update contact details in just one click.

Buildtools Tendering module lets you send out personalised tender packages automatically, re-use tenders from previous projects, view who has indicated pricing in a register and more!

The File / Photo Library lets your team store an unlimited amount of items securely on Buildtools centralised database, accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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